About Us
About Mello Reload

Since 1999 Mello Reload has been a family owned and operated business,
which specializes in the handling and distribution of finished forest products
and building materials.

Our business is located at
1470 East Kentucky Ave in Woodland, California
on 6.5 acres of paved land. We have forklifts ranging from 8,000 lbs. to
15,000 lbs. capacity in order to handle many different products. We have a
5-car rail spur, which gets switches daily, five days a week. We have 10,500
square feet of inside storage with plans to add an additional 30,000 square
feet in the future.

With our flexible computer based inventory we are able to better serve our
customers’ ever changing needs as well as provide on demand inventory
updates at the click of a mouse. We constantly strive to meet our
customers' needs and continue to change in order to promote our
customers' business as well as improve our services at the same time.

ello Reload is a service business, we unload finished forest products and
building materials from trucks and rail cars for distribution. We also provide
many specialty services such as sorting lumber, pulling piece orders, splitting
of units, and more. We also provide a bobtail delivery service. For a more
detailed list, please visit our
services page.

We do not buy or sell; we are simply a third party distributor, getting our
customers' product to the end user in a timely and professional manner. We
continue to look for ways to improve our services or add new ones so we
can remain competitive in this industry.